Art at the Athenaeum

The Athenaeum- La Jolla, California

The Athenaeum- La Jolla, California

This past week I flew to La Jolla, California to teach an art course at the Athenaeum Music and Arts Library.

My course was focused on the exploration, design, and execution of collage art. Within this course, my students covered historical references including the art of Picasso, Japanese collages, Romare Bearden, Peter Beard, Hannah Hock, Man Ray, Kurt Schwitters, Joseph Cornell, and Baldassari. We spoke about why they are important and what materials were unique to their collaging. 

I also was sure to introduce my students to the formal elements of photography so that they had guidance on what to look for compositionally while they were creating imagery for their collages. This included line, shape, form, color, value, space, composition, design, texture and pattern.

I encouraged my class to explore a theme for their collage project. I asked them to consider what their art was conveying and suggested topics such as a story they wanted to tell, a feeling that needed to be expressed, or a memory that should be recalled.  I also challenged their aesthetics asking them what was important in their design- for example did they want to do something abstract, literal, or landscape oriented. This was all food for thought prepping my class to considering what their viewers would learn or perceive from the work. 

We wrapped our class up with a critique where we shared theory and execution of each student project. I believe that the constructive criticism that my class explored will continue to help them on their personal journey's with collage art. I had a great experience teaching this class and look forward to returning to the Athenaeum in the Spring of 2018.

In preparation of my doing so I would love to know your feedback on: If you were to take an art course what would you be interested in learning about?

Be sure to check out the Athenaeum upcoming art classes and I hope to see you in my next course!