As an artist, I have engaged in a decades-long exploration of natural elements with a more recent focus on microscopic and oceanic imagery. My goal is to present works that blur the imagined borders between the perceived physical entity and its more mysterious underlying reality.  In my photographs, I will “hybridize” subject-matter---botanical forms with zoological beings, the inorganic or inanimate organic with the animated organic---which I may distort or otherwise manipulate to express the dynamics of life unobserved or unrecognized.  I may make allusions pointing to human constructs such as the meaning of time and space, utilizing images from the microscope’s revealed universe to attempt to cut away the borders between the inner world and outer world, the “insignificant” and significant. Through this refocusing of lenses, I hope to create visions of environmental cohesion, of interconnectedness, and perhaps invite and encourage change in the way we approach our relationship with our natural environment and planet.