Nine-Ten Resturaunt


This installation spans across the main wall in a restaurant. The wall is approximately 35 feet long. The artwork is broken up into 3 sections of 3 panels. Each panel is about 10 feet wide and 7.5 feet tall.


The goal of this project was to fill the space with fresh artwork in an organic form that refreshes the space and compliments the location of the restaurant (being on the West Coast Oceanfront).


I was given the dimensions and color pallet of the space and was provided full creative range of the final imagery. I also spent time working with various print shops to figure out the best way to mount such large-scale work that would not distort or take away from the piece in the space. The final pieces were delivered to the restaurant where John Stoup from the company "I Hang Art" install the final presentation of the work for their customers.


Nine-Ten Resturaunt


La Jolla, CA United States

Project Team


Dana Montlack


Terry Underwood
Nine-Ten Resturaunt


Joseph Bellows
Joseph Bellows Gallery